Ronda – Spectacular scenery and unspoilt mountain towns

Perched high on a ridge surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in Spain, Ronda has a magical charm and a rich and diverse history. The city is 739m above sea level and has a population of approx. 40.000 inhabitants known as Rondeños.It is a setting which has inspired poets and writers for years, notably Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles. They both fell in love with the town as they immersed themselves in the art of bullfighting, and Hemingway […]

Arriate – Pueblo Blanco (White Village) de la Serrania de Ronda

The Village of Arriate is situated 5 km from Ronda and is surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. The village was originally founded around a farm of Arabic origin and the name Arriate is Arabic, deriving from Arriadh, which means gardens or orchards (los verjeles). Many lovely examples of flower-filled gardens and walkways can be seen all around the village. The vicinity is surrounded to the north and west by the River Guadalcobacin and the abundance of water makes […]