Ronda – Carriage Exhibition, Feria de Pedro Romero 2015


El Real Club de Enganches de Andalucía staged its annual Horse and Carriage Exhibition as part of the 2015 Feria de Pedro Romero. Entries are by invitation only from the Real Club de Engances de Andalucia and the event takes place on a Sunday morning, the venue being the famous Bull-ring in Ronda. The Carriages are restored to their original splendour especially for use in competitions, ferias and on festive occasions and costumes must suit the date of the carriage. The competition is in two stages, the first stage commences at 10am in the central Calle Virgin de la Paz with the judging of the carriages, harnesses, regalia and presentation of horses, which provides an opportunity to see up close the magnificent horses, carriages, coachmen and women. Thanks to organisations like El Real Club de Engances de Andalucia through the interest in events such as this many of the old professions that were becoming lost, coach builders, upholsterers, blacksmiths and lamp and harness makers have been maintained and an important number of jobs created.

The second stage of the competition starts at 12 noon and is held inside the Bull-ring. The exhibition commences with a dressage display to music by the riders of the Real Maestranza Riding School, a joy to watch. The great majority of the horses are Pure Bred Spanish (Pura Raza Española) and their technical preparation and training as classical dressage horses constitutes one of the prime objectives of the Real Maestranza together with the professional formation of future equestrian riders and teachers.

Carriages enter the ring one by one, up to 3 carriages at the same time in the arena where they perform the exercises as set out in the official rules. Marks are awarded to drivers for technical ability, driver position and horse management. The horses are awarded points for cadence, regularity of movement and attention to commands.

Carriages are drawn as follows: 1 horse (Limoneras), 2 horses (Troncos), 2 horses (Tándem), 3 horses (Tresillos), 4 horses (Cuartas) 5 horses (Media potencia), 5 horses (Cinco a la larga).

The carriages enter the ring in the following order

Limonera (1 horse20150906_102934

Troncos Señoras (2 horses female drivers)

Troncos Caballeros (2 horses male drivers)

Tándem (2 horses)

Tresillo/ Potencia (3 horses)

Cuarta (4 horses)

Media Potencia (5 horses)

Cinco a la larga (5 horses)

Fuera de Concurso (Drivers not entered in the official Competition)

Carrusel (Carousel)

The exhibition culminates in a spectacular carousel of all the carriages and horses for the judges final deliberation and is in itself amazing to watch.

A wonderful 2 hours of equestrian beauty, skill and technical ability